NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle M1135 Stryker1-3

M1135: General
Date of first accaptance February 2006
Manufacturer GM GDLS Defense Group, L.L.C. Crew
4 men:
  • Commander hull right center
  • Driver in hull left front
  • Surveyor in vehicle center rear
  • Assistant surveyor in vehicle right rear
M1135: Dimensions
Combat weight 42,665lbs
Height 126.4"
Length 290.6"
Width 134.1"
Wheel clearance 21"
M1135: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse Max traverse rate Elevation
.50cal M2HB MG Remote weapon system M151E2 2000 rounds 360°
60°/sec +55° to -20°
Azimuth and elevtation
Night vision
Thermal for commander, AN/VAS-5 thermal for driver
M1135: Armor
High hard steel structure
Maximum .5"
M1135: Automotive
Engine Caterpillar 3126; 6-cylinder, 4-cycle inline turbocharged diesel
Horsepower 350@2500rpm Fuel capacity 53gal
Transmission Allison MD 3066P, 6 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Hydraulic, steering wheel
Brakes Dual-circuit hydraulic with air-power assist; anti-lock system on rear 3 axles
M1135: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Hydropneumatic 4/side On each wheel
M1135: Performance
Max level road speed 60mph
Max trench 78"
Max grade 60% Max slideslope 30%
Max vertical obstacle 23"
Min turning diameter 52'
Max fording depth 51"
Cruising range ~330mi, roads
~530km, roads

The Stryker NBCRV is a version of the Stryker ICV that is set up for detection and identification of nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare contaminants. The vehicle is equipped with a Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer Block II, which uses a probe and double-wheel sampling system to detect and identify ground chemical agents; joint biological point detection system to detect and identify biological warfare agents; joint service light-weight stand-off chemical agent detector to identify up to 11 agent vapors when performing point or area surveillance; AN/VDR-2 and AN/UDR-13 Radiac sets to detect and quantify alpha, beta, gamma, or neutron radiation; METSMAN meteorological system to measure wind speed and direction and ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure; and and a chemical vapor sampling system to collect vapor samples for later laboratory analysis. The vehicle is fitted with a climate control and overpressure system that allows the crew to work inside without having to wear protective gear.

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