LAV-AD at Fort Hunter Liggett, California.

This LAV-AD's 25mm GAU-12U firing at 1800 rounds/minute certainly makes for an impressive sight with a large muzzle blast and spent casings arcing through the air. Note the compression in the right-side suspension and tires. The Stinger missile launchers can be seen--although the one along the turret's centerline is largely masked by the one in the foreground--and a wire cutter is sticking up between the missile launchers. The commander's right-side window is facing the camera. This vehicle was from the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and was taking part in Exercise Highland Thunder. (Picture taken 10 Mar 1999 by Michael Gardner; available from the National Archives.)


LAV-AD at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.

Commander Sgt David Hodges on the left of the image and gunner Cpl Joseph Jordan on the right of the picture are bundled against the Alaskan cold while taking part in Exercise Northern Edge 2001. The large windows with wipers in the turret front are apparent, as is the way the turret is divided by the gun. The two Stinger launchers and the gun muzzle are covered. Wire cutters and smoke grenade launchers were mounted on each side of the turret's front. (Picture taken 13 Mar 2001 by SSgt Adam Stump; available from the National Archives.)


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