155mm Self-propelled Howitzer M441-5

M44: General
Date of first acceptance 1952 Total acceptances 250+
Manufacturer Massey Harris Co. Crew
7 men:
  • Chief of section in barbette right
  • Gunner in barbette right front
  • Driver in barbette left front
  • Assistant gunner in barbette right rear
  • Three cannoneers in barbette left
M44: Dimensions
Combat weight 64,000lbs
Height over canvas top 122.5"
Length without howitzer 242.5"
Howitzer overhang forward 0"
Width 127.5"
Tread 102.5"
Ground clearance 18.8"
Fire height ~84"
Ground pressure, zero penetration 10.2psi
M44: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse Max traverse rate Elevation Max elevation rate
155mm Howitzer M45 M80 in superstructure front 24 rounds 60°
(30° left or right;
manual and hydraulic)
10°/sec +65° to -5°
(manual and hydraulic)
.50cal M2HB MG Flexible on turret ring mount 900 rounds 360°
-- Manual --
M44: Armor
Rolled homogeneous steel
Location Thickness Angle from vertical
Upper front .5"
52° and 81°
Lower front .5"
40° and 66°
Sides .5"
Rear .5"
Top Open
Floor .375"
Gun shield .5"
M44: Automotive
Engine Continental AOS-895-3; 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, opposed, supercharged gasoline
Horsepower Net: 446@2400rpm
Gross: 500@2800rpm
Torque Net: 890 ft-lb@2200rpm
Gross: 955 ft-lb@2400rpm
Fuel capacity 150gal
Transmission Allison CD-500-3, 2 ranges forward, 1 reverse
Steering Mechanical, T-bar
Brakes Multiple disc
M44: Suspension
Type Road wheels Track return rollers
Torsion bar 5 individually sprung dual/track 4 dual/track
Drive sprockets Idlers Shock absorbers
12-tooth front drive Trailing at rear of track On first, second, and fifth road wheels/track
M44: Track
Center guide, single pin, steel with detachable rubber pad
Width 21"
Pitch 6"
Shoes/track Left side: 74
Right side: 75
Ground contact length 149.4"
M44: Performance
Max level road speed 35mph
Max trench 72"
Max grade 60% Max vertical obstacle 30"
Min turning diameter Pivot Max fording depth 42"
Cruising range ~75mi, roads
~120km, roads

The M44 was based on components of the 76mm gun tank M41, and its designation was changed from a "howitzer motor carriage" to "self-propelled howitzer" on 30 April 1951. The limited-traverse howitzer was mounted in an open-topped barbette, and all crew members were in this superstructure as well. The driver's position was at the front of the barbette to the left of the howitzer. The power train was at the front of the vehicle, driving through front sprockets, and the turret was to the rear. The trailing idler was larger than the standard road wheels by 2.5" (6.4cm), and the rear track return roller was larger than the others as well.

When powered by the AOSI-895-5 engine, which was an AOS-895-3 fitted with fuel injection kits, the M44 was known as M44A1. The M44A1's road range increased to around 82 miles (130km).

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