Armored Security Vehicle M1117 Guardian at the Yakima Training Center, Washington.

The layout of the M1117 is very similar to that of the M706; indeed in 1994 Cadillac Gage merged with Textron Marine to form Textron Marine and Land Systems. There is a 2-piece door on each side of the vehicle and another door on the right rear corner. Hatches are provided above the cab roof, and the turret hatch is open on each of the vehicles in this image. The winch outlet in the right bow is apparent, and the winch access hatch is on the hull's front slope directly above the outlet. The machine gun is mounted on the turret's right side, while the shorter-barreled grenade launcher is on the left. The upper half of the side door of the vehicle on the left of the image is open; details of the viewing block and firing port can be seen. (Picture taken 4 Feb 2012 by SPC Reese Von Rogatsz; available from


Armored Security Vehicle M1117 Guardian at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

These vehicles and their crews are undergoing training on the firing range. The side door is open, with the bottom half folding downward. The side engine access hatch is visible near the rear of the vehicle, and a fuel filler cover can be seen near the front corner of the hull. The rear door of this vehicle is also open, although most of it is hidden since it is on the opposite corner. (Picture taken 4 Apr 2011 by SPC Kimberly Hackbarth; available from


Armored Security Vehicle M1117 Guardian at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

The 2-piece rear door is visible on the right corner of this vehicle. The engine is in the left rear corner, and its exhaust can be seen opposite the door. (Picture taken 8 Aug 2009 by SPC Lisa A. Cope; available from


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